About me

UnknownSo welcome to my blog about my travels. I am a thirty something girl who knows what she likes. I am waaay past ‘Gap Years’ and ’18-30’ holidays have just bracketed me out. Plus frankly I have managed to go 30 years without an STD and I don’t fancy contracting one just for the ‘experience!’

So what I would describe myself as is an anti-backpacker. I have a thirst for adventure and to see the world. But I just want to do it from a comfy bed and without being bitten to death or spending days smelling like a homeless bum!

Now don’t get me wrong. I think it’s exceptionally important to experience local culture, history and get off the beaten track and see the reality of the country you are in. I am not the type to travel to a country and never leave the hotel. However, that doesn’t have to mean swapping handbags for backpacks.

I am a restless traveller too. I can’t bear just sunbathing or sitting and reading book- DULL! I want to explore. I want to participate and I want to be inspired.

So follow me on here as I trot the globe and update you on the best places to go, fun things to do and my experiences of the people I meet along the way!



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