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Seeing the renaissance art has to start from Florence. I was trying from a long time to visit this unique city with modern and ancient living together. After watching “Da Vinci’s Demons” I was fascinated by the freedom the city had in times of kingdoms. One of the famous sculptures in the city is the famous male nude figure “David.  It has been a city with artistic freedom during the times when art and experiments was banned by the Roman Catholic Church. Leonardo made Florence his home and worked on various things at the same time.  He was genius well ahead of his times. The inventions that he did would have been great scientific inventions even today. He would have been called a scientist and not an artist if he lived today.

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Flore

I began my day by visiting Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Flore. The structure is imposing and beautiful at the same time. Magnificent is the word that came into my mind. I was seeing it with my mouth wide open when I was asked by the guide to come inside. The inside was out of a fairy tale. I was awed by the designs and the art forms. The two-hour tour seemed very short. So I took another ticket and went for another two hours. The second time seemed even shorter. I was supposed to see the famous David but I decide against it and called the day.

Santa Maria del Flore the interior view