Las Vegas

So I found myself in Vegas on my birthday this year. Lucky me! I had my reservations about Vegas.. I am not a gambler I am a calculated risk taker! My main knowledge came from films such as The Hangover and Fear and Loathing.. so needless to say I imagined a dirty few days of debauchery and frankly I wasn’t sure if I would be a fan. But I figured her, try everything once right?

So I arrived at my hotel which had a giant pirate ship outside filled with scantily clad women clearly failed wannabe film drama school actresses  gyrating and swashbuckling to a bad soundtrack and a firework display on the hour only in Vegas!

I had informed my hotel it was my birthday a neat trick I learned can get you all manner of upgrades and freebies. It actually was my birthday this time though! And low and behold, in my room was a complimentary bottle of bubbly- nice! Happily I unpacked and looked at the view. From my window I could see Egypt )the Pyramid of the Luxor, Paris (The Eiffel Tower of the Paris hotel)  and Venice ( the gondolas of the Venetian).. wow I thought its like an adults Disney world. Tacky, yes but fun! So I consumed the rest of my bubbles whilst in a giant bathtub filled with soapy bubbles and drifted off to sleep.

Casinos - Las Vegas

Deciding to avoid the gambling I ventured out into the sunshine the next morning. Whomever said Vegas is a dark and dingy place clearly never explored during the day. It was beautiful. Though strange to think my itinerary basically consisted of visiting other people’s hotels! From the roller coaster at New York , to the Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay and of course the infamous fountains of the Bellagio.

My feet were aching from walking the strip so I decided when in vegas and ventured to the slot machines. Now one thing I must tell you it’s no Oceans Eleven in Vegas forget George Clooney, women dressed in pearls and fancy card tables. Expect rooms with garish carpets filled with over weight Americans glued to the flashing lights of one arm bandit machines. I decided to give one a go and frankly I was perplexed you had to register your credit card to exchange for tokens – what happened to getting rid of your quarters! The endless buttons, levers and headache inducing music and lights led me to admit defeat and after a few goes I decided to leave the gambling to the beached whales in baseball caps.

Bar at Las Vegas

So I retired to my hotel but on the way back I decided to see if I could pick up another bottle of that delicious bubbly I had the night before. So off I went to the local supermarket I found the so-called ‘free champagne’ in the bargain section at $6 a bottle!! Well tasted ok so I bought one and took it back to my room. Once I popped the cork and took a sip I realised it was sugary, syrupy and frankly gross! How getting something for ‘free’ and then realizing its real value can change your experience of something. But it was a good analogy for Vegas it was sickly and did leave you feeling a bit cheap but with the right attitude of embracing it for what it is well it wasn’t all that bad after all!