I have been thinking of visiting Australia, and suddenly got a business trip. The stay was in Sydney. The meetings were over in 3 days, and the deal sealed. Suddenly the traveller inside me woke up. I decided to stay for the weekend, and explore the surroundings. Phone switched off I went forward for an enlightening experience which I am going to share.

A Trip to the Blue Mountains (Day 1 – Saturday)

Blue Mountais near Sydney, Australia

The Blue Mountains


After being in the city for 3 days I decided to escape it. What followed was a trip to the Blue Mountains. I hired some hiking gear, and went climbing. Walking through the Everglades was enchanting.  I saw the deepest blue color from atop a place I had climbed to. It was amazing, with outstanding view of the valley. Later I also visited the famous three sisters. You can read the entire article here, regarding the three sisters mountaisn. However did not stay long due to the crowd. I retreated into the mountains for the rest of the day, exploring ridges and unknown waterfalls.

Bondi Beach (Day 2 – Sunday)

Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Bondi Beach


All the hiking the previous day took its toll on my body. So Sunday was meant for basking in the sun at the famous Bondi beach. I took refuge near the grassy mountain and had breakfast. Stripping into my bikini I enjoyed the sun. Another shade of blue, the crystal clear sea water took me in. I enjoyed the afternoon at the beach sunbathing. It was relaxing.

After enjoying my weekend in Sydney it was time to get back to work. The night flight to UK and I was home after the adventure.