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The last time I was aspiring as to where I would end up on my next travelers, I was thinking Greenland. And you know, Greenland rocks and all, but I keep reading about these Norwegians and Swedes!


They top the category of just about every index that is out, and hey, they appreciate things like this travel girl.  (Winning!)

My only problem is what season to go to! Do I plan a winter trip and land in Oslo and head just outside the city some of the most amazing skiing that exists? Do I head west to see the #earthporn shorts that seem to rule Reddit! What’s a girl to do?

Summer’s there look like something out of a fairy land. It’s never too hot, never too cold, the grass never burns out, flowers are blooming, and these people just ride their bikes in polite silence that sometimes makes me want to free dance right in the middle of the street to see the stares.

Wait. No I don’t. Not my style, but if it was….damn right I would.

The coolest part about Norway and Sweden is how close they are.  My cousin lived on the border  and literally crossed it every day to go to work so I remember seeing and feeling a little bit of each culture.

It’s a very tough call to decide and according to Trip Advisor I mean lean to the magical fjords of Norway. After all Frozen was inspired from there!