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Hey there everyone. Well I’m back after my trip to Istanbul and I am definitely starting to look for new opportunities and places to go during the holidays. I’ve been thinking.. what places have I not been to yet? What areas of the world and what cultures can I really surprise myself in. All said and done also what places can I go that I’ll have a good time and won’t cost me an arm and a leg! I’ve been thinking about some of the most recent trips posted on Conde Nast’s site. It is for the cold weather destinations and I think for a person like myself I need a little bit of comfort if I’m going somewhere cold. I’m not particularly into the skiing and all of that but I think there’s a lot of charm in this time of year and I plan to take full advantage of it.

best cold weather destinations for a trip

Okay two places I really felt like going lately would be somewhere such as Greenland (which is on the list) or possibly one of the other Scandinavian countries. It’s really cold there this time of year but it would be cheap and quite charming around Christmas. Another option I had in mind was somewhere in Japan that gets quite cold.. you have a lot of options there although it would be a little more expensive for flight and board as it’s not as affected by winter months. Chances are I’ll stick with Europe this time around and have a closer to home Christmas trip. Next trip? Who knows maybe Kashmir!