Dorset Jurrasic path

Stunning Dorset

As you may have noticed I’m a very lucky girl, who’s been able to combine work and travel to a very high level this year. But, after my last jaunt to Copenhagen Mr Visa had stern words and suggested I stay put for a bit, and I was honestly going to listen (with just the smallest pout, honest).

However, just as I was settling back into the norms of city life, my good friend Amy came to my rescue. She had an apartment booked down the coast in Dorset for a few days, complete with WiFi, and her other half had just got pulled in for some work, did I want to join her? Well, Mr Visa my bags are packed and I don’t need you, I can even work from there!

luxurious holiday aprtment West Bay

Turns out this was a lux apartment overlooking the wonderful harbour at West Bay ( best known for its starring role in Broadchurch). Now, you know I’m one for comforts mixed with experiences, but sometimes the drive to get out and see the world means we overlook our backdoor. Here, we had all the comforts of (an upmarket version) home, mixed with some stunning coastal walking paths, that could rival the ones I recently saw in America, add to that the freshest fish and chips I have eaten for year. Sure, some of the towns look like they haven’t changed since the 50’s (including the residents), but a visit to Lyme Regis, including lunch at the fabulous Hix Oyster House, will win over the most seasoned traveller – and the best part, not a drop of rain the while trip. I’m not losing my thirst to see the world, but sometimes it’s good to remember you live amongst it!