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After my last jaunt in Asia this time I decided to try somewhere a little closer to home. I love Carlsberg and one evening while pouring my favourite beverage into my favourite pint glass I happened to notice the writing on the side of the can. So I thought why not go there!

The city is home to only a million residents and so perfectly fit my idea of a perfect city. Large enough to provide all the services and standards that I want when I travel, but small enough to be intimate, navigable and have that all important sense of community which many of the world’s modern cities so totally lack.

I found the people to be jovial and welcoming with an insatiable appetite for beer and nightlife – which suited me just fine! The local transport was easy to understand and I managed to get around to check out some of the best sites.

I whiled away a full day browsing and scouring the many corridors and archives at the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art which was comfortable and extremely informative. The next day I was in the mood for something a bit more adrenaline filled and so visited the world’s oldest functioning amusement park Bakken – a fun-filled blast from the past with old wooden roller-coasters which function perfectly but riding them still has an added edge of uncertainty and danger.

Bakken 004

In the evenings I sampled the local bars, restaurants and clubs but there were far too many to list here!