So I am writing this from a beautiful veranda in Italy. I decided three days ago that I was fed up with sitting around vegetating. With no work commitments this week, why not just pack a bag and go explore somewhere. Go and get lost in another country, culture and cuisine!

 Its been three days of adventure. Not crazy, swim with sharks, hike up mountains, sleep in flea ridden hostels adventures.. calculated rick is my thing after all. No its been simplicity- the warmth of a family run B&B the slight fear of not knowing the native language but travelling to a country where they speak yours and of course finding a place safe enough to get completely lost in your own world. 

So when in Rome- Or indeed Tuscany in my case- I decided to take a cooking lesson from my B&B hosts and find out how they make their staple dish. I had no idea how simple it was so I thought I woudl share it with you all!