So I recently returned from an epic trip along the Route 1 highway. Driving from LA to San Fran, this is a coastal path that has the most incredible and memorable beaches and scenery I have seen in a long time. You can find out more here on Frommers

However, things didn’t start off quite that well. First off, Americans and their hire cars. Bearing in mind this is a coastal route not an off road safari. They handed me the keys to the biggest Chevy I have seen in my life. I crawled up into the drivers seat only to realize I could not see the font, back or sides of my car. As I sat with my feet dangling, peering over a huge steering wheel, I felt like a toddler who had stolen her parents car keys. This would not do! Its bad enough having to drive the other side of the road and in a country where you can still turn right at a red light! I didn’t need to be behind the wheel of a monster truck at the same time. So back I tottered ot complain and after much explaining and eyelash fluttering I was given a VW Beetle- much better!! For tips on car hire I found this site helpful.

Things were looking up. After being reliably informed about getting ripped off by car hires in America, I decided to buy my own sat nav over there- cheaper than hiring and you keep it! All good in principle. In practice however, I failed to consider getting to a shop to buy one. Basically navigating without a navigator! After a positively terrifying 20 minutes on a freeway and several screaming fits later, I arrived at a Target store and managed to get my hands on by new boyfriend and backseat driver, Tom Tom.

Unfortunately, my ditzy daze did not end there. I began my route along the coast, taking in the stunning rock faces and wild waves (always pull over to let cars pass you as you crawl along but also so you can get out and really take in the view).

Once back in car I realised my beloved Tom Tom was playing up and recalculating. After battling with his dulcet tones telling me to do a u-turn on a one way road, I instead took a trip straight back to the store. However, my frustrated face soon turned to bright red when the shop assistant reliably informed me that I had left the film sticker on the screen and it was pressing the screen and making it recalculate- oops!!!!!!